The Church Clock

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The clock was made in 1683 by Thomas Powers of Wellingborough. It used to be wound by hand but was converted to electric winding in 1973. It strikes the hours, and every three hours triggers the chiming apparatus, which then plays a “tune” (create link to the tunes) for five minutes.

The chiming apparatus is a large wooden drum pegged out with studs which operate levers as the drum revolves. The levers then release hammers which strike the bells. There are five tunes, the 5th tune being added in 1920.

The clock and chimes used to be in the room now occupied by the bells, and in 2000 they were moved down one floor. This room also contains various bell and clock artefacts which have become redundant over the years. Visits to the tower can be arranged. Please contact Phillip George (Steeple Keeper and Tower Secretary) on if you would like any further information.

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